Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Pagosa Springs?

Pagosa Springs is an outdoor-lover’s paradise nestled at more than 7,000 feet in altitude in southwest Colorado’s rugged San Juan Mountains. With spectacular fall colors, snow-covered peaks, Chimney Rock National Monument, incredible hunting, amazing wildlife, clean air and 2.8 million acres of National Forest, Pagosa offers countless opportunities to soak up the scenery in every season. 

What is it like at altitude?

Regardless of your level of physical fitness, acute mountain sickness can strike anyone not acclimated to Pagosa’s 7,000-foot elevation. To stay well during your visit and to get the most out of your time in Pagosa Springs, it is recommended that visitors follow a few pieces of altitude advice:

• Drink three to four quarts of water per day.

• Avoid overexertion, caffeine and alcohol for the first few days.

• Take a day or two to acclimate before venturing to higher-elevation destinations. 

• Seek medical attention if persistent headache, fatigue, poor coordination or shortness of breath occur.  

Is there a medical facility? 

Pagosa Springs Medical Center includes a critical-access hospital located at 95 S. Pagosa Blvd. The emergency room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone (970) 731-3700. Dial 911 for emergency services.

There are multiple clinics in the community offering a variety of services.

Important phone numbers:


(ambulance, EMT, fire, police)

For non-emergency ambulance, fire, EMT, police, dial (970) 731-2160

Archuleta County Dispatch (970) 731-2160

Archuleta County Commissioners (970) 264-8300

Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office (970) 264-8430

Archuleta School District 50 Joint (970) 264-2228

Colorado State Patrol Headquarters (303) 239-4501

Colorado State Patrol District 5 (719) 589-2503

Emergency Medical Services (970) 731-2160

La Plata Electric Association (970) 247-5786 

Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation (970) 731-2691

Pagosa Fire Protection District (970) 731-4191

Pagosa Springs Police (970) 264-4151, ext. 228

Pagosa Springs Post Office (970) 264-5440

Pagosa Springs Town Hall (970) 264-4151

The Pagosa Springs SUN (970) 264-2100

Senior Center (970) 264-2167

Black Hills Energy (800) 563-0012

Southern Ute Indian Tribe (970) 563-0100

Stevens Field Airport, Manager (970) 731-3060

Stevens Field FBO (970) 731-2127

Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library (970) 264-2209

Rise Above Violence (970) 264-9075

Who can I contact for info?

To get started exploring Pagosa Springs, check out for information on lodging, restaurants, recreational activities and more. Potential visitors can also call the Visitor Center’s vacation line at (866) 438-4917. Archuleta County news and events can be found in The Pagosa Springs SUN, the community’s weekly newspaper, with weekday online updates at

What is the weather like?

In a word, the weather in Pagosa Springs is beautiful. Archuleta County is located just 28 miles north of the New Mexico border and along the western slope of the Continental Divide. The combination of high desert plateau and dramatic Rocky Mountains to the north and east creates an unusual microclimate. Because of this, Pagosa Springs has it all, with warm, pleasant summers, long autumns with gorgeous colors and plenty of dry, powdery snow. On average, Pagosa residents enjoy 300 days of sun each year, as well as four distinct and uniquely beautiful seasons. With low wind and warm sunshine, residents can enjoy a variety of year-round recreational activities.

Average Days of Sunshine: 300 per year

Annual Precipitation: 20.87 inches/year

Annual Snowfall: 107 inches/year

Average Monthly Temperatures:

January — High 38.2°F,  Low 2.3°F

February — High 43.6°F,  Low 9.2°F

March — High 50.1°F,  Low 17.8°F

April — High 58.7°F,  Low 23.7°F

May — High 67.8°F,  Low 31.0°F

June — High 78.0°F,  Low 37.2°F

July — High 82.6°F,  Low 45.0°F

August — High 80.2°F,  Low 44.8°F

September — High 73.5°F,  Low 36.8°F

Oct. — High 63.2°F,  Low 26.5°F

Nov. — High 48.6°F,  Low 15.7°F

Dec. — High 39.9°F,  Low 5.6°F