There’s a lot to love about Pagosa Country summers

Pagosa Country summers are special.

Whether you ask locals or visitors, you’re likely to hear some of the same answers (“Everything” is a popular answer), and most of them relate to the great outdoors Pagosa Springs is fortunate to call its backyard.

Some will tell you there’s nothing better than sitting on a porch in the cool temperatures (and low humidity) taking in the beautiful mountain views.

Some suggest that activity is even better during Pagosa Country’s late-summer monsoons, with clouds building into the afternoon thunderstorms that bring cool, refreshing rains. That is often followed by a photo-worthy sunset and sunny skies the next day.

Others point to the simple pleasures of watching hummingbirds and other avian residents, or taking in the wildflowers during a stroll on a warm afternoon.

Some hop in their Jeeps or other adventure vehicles to go explore, while others set out for a camping trip, day hike or backpacking trip (such as along the Continental Divide Trail, pictured above). Others head for a swim in the river, a day on the lake or grab their gear for a morning or evening of fishing.

After a day of adventure, some point to the rodeo as being a perfect summer evening, while others head to their favorite restaurant for al fresco dining and drinks, and others head outside to grill dinner.

Others call campfires (don’t forget the stuff for s’mores) the best part of summer, while others cap off the day with a trip to soak in one of the area’s hot springs facilities.

Pagosa summers also offer chances to take in live music and theater, whether at a festival with world-class artists, local restaurant or elsewhere, with locals and visitors alike taking in the tunes.

For many, the best thing about summer in Pagosa Country is simply the opportunity for adventure and exploration and finding something new, no matter their interests or abilities.