For some visitors, winter in Pagosa has quite the reputation: plenty of snow and cold.

The reputation is only partly deserved.

Yes, we get some impressive snowfall here. 

Yes, there are times the bank of snow at the side of the house creeps past the top of the windows as it slides from the roof. 

The peaks of the San Juan Mountains just east of Pagosa Springs are known for amazing snowfall, and Wolf Creek Ski Area legitimately boasts the “most snow in Colorado” (as well as the best, with powder that can’t be equalled). 

We handle it well. In fact, we enjoy it. When a “big dump” hits Pagosa Country, the crews that clear our roads and highways know their stuff and do a remarkably good job. It barely slows us down.

In other words, bring on the snow! We get around in fine fashion. So will you. 

And it’s a good thing — there’s plenty to do and plenty to enjoy during the winter here.

Those of us who live in Pagosa Country year-round not only know how to deal with snow, but we welcome it. The more, the better.


Because it turns this part of the world into a winter playground with few peers — a remarkably beautiful alpine environment in which every winter, outdoor recreation option is maximized. Alpine skiers, snowboarders, showshoers, cross-country skiers, fat bikers, snowmobilers, sledders, skaters — all benefit from being in Pagosa Country, for a day, for a week, for the season.

Our snow is not a problem here in Pagosa Country — it’s a blessing.

Yes, it can get cold here. But it’s not the kind of cold you experience in low-altitude, high-humidity, windy environments. The winters here are fairly mild when it comes to the temperatures. The weather is usually perfect for peak winter experiences — offering some of the best winter fun you’ll find anywhere. The snow falls flat and often deep, and a general lack of wind makes for a white wonderland. The sun shines more often than not, and the sparkling vistas are magnificent, calling you out of doors, promising a satisfying and memorable experience.

When winter comes and the snow falls from the clouds, we are ready in other ways — ways that ensure you have a memorable visit. Our local business community — lodging establishments, outdoor recreation equipment sales and rental outlets, clothing stores and restaurants — are ready to welcome you and provide you with all you need. We locals frequent these establishments, we patronize the stores, we use the services, we eat at the restaurants, we go to the theater productions, the art galleries. The many people, places and products here make our winters pleasurable, too. Pagosa Country is chock full of tremendous businesses and wonderful talents, and they await your arrival. 

Pagosa continues to be a special place to create memories you’ll look back on fondly. We still offer myriad places and activities to get away, try something new, revisit a much-loved winter hobby or just enjoy the winter wonderland with a warm beverage by the fireplace. 

If you are a visitor during the winter, take advantage of all we have to offer. You are our guest; we welcome you. 

Enjoy your time here, and return.