Pagosa Springs

For more than a century, Pagosa Country has enchanted visitors with its stunning natural beauty. 

Snow-covered mountain peaks, clear blue skies and healing mineral waters captivate guests who cannot help but be charmed by the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of life in the San Juan Mountains. 

The elements that contribute to Pagosa Country’s magic are many: wild game, stately timbers, lush valleys, sparkling rivers, scenic seclusion and the craggy peaks of the rugged San Juan Mountains. 

Unlike so many modern “retreats” in the Rockies, Pagosa Country doesn’t offer everything money can buy, but it does offer countless things money can’t buy.

Leave the hustle and bustle of city living and the glitz of Rocky Mountain resort towns — escape to Pagosa. 

Basic services abound

Pagosa has everything guests and residents need to be entertained and accommodated. A public library, art galleries, museums, numerous restaurants and a variety of specialty shops provide plenty of opportunities for amusement. Churches, gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, motels and public and private health care facilities are also available to fill any need. 

Information is available

Head to the Visitor Center for directions and information on all Pagosa has to offer. Located on the right side of Hot Springs Boulevard just after you cross the bridge over the San Juan River, the Visitor Center, which is designed to represent one of Pagosa Springs’ early-day bathhouses, offers a wealth of information. With a knowledgeable staff familiar with the ins and outs of Pagosa, the Visitor Center is the place to go for questions, concerns, tips and advice, as well as pamphlets, maps and brochures for the area’s events, destinations and other attractions.

World’s deepest hot spring

A short walk south from the Visitor Center will take you to “The Great Pagosa Hot Spring” — certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the deepest geothermal hot spring in the world. From the Visitor Center, follow the sidewalk down Hot Springs Boulevard until you’re southwest of The Springs Resort and Spa and follow the paved path to the right.

Outdoor pools and a variety of outdoor geothermal hot tubs are located next to the San Juan River, featuring water temperatures to suit every need and taste. Take in the sights and sounds of beautiful Pagosa Springs while relaxing in the warmth of the springs and the coolness of the mountain air. You’ll even find a rooftop pool with mountain views. 

Outdoor activities

Pagosa Springs is overflowing with opportunities to engage in outdoor adventures. To help you find the best places to enjoy your favorite activities, stop by the U.S. Forest Service Pagosa Ranger District Office at the corner of 2nd and Pagosa streets. The staff there can provide a wealth of information on all manner of seasonal activities, including hunting, area ski or snowshoeing routes, snowmobiling, winter camping opportunities, ice fishing, rafting, hiking and horseback riding.

For the area’s earliest Native inhabitants, Pagosa was considered a land of healing waters. For today’s vacationers, Pagosa is a land of invigorating experiences, from the depths of the healing pools to the mountains and valleys that beckon enthusiasts year-round.

If this is your first time to Pagosa Country, make yourself at home in the midst of the most beautiful scenery and friendliest people in Colorado. 

If you’ve been here before, welcome back.