A magical part of the weekend is the colorful hot air balloons
that grace the winter skies — weather permitting. The snowy white mountains and the crystal blue skies make for a stunning backdrop
to the multicolored balloons. 

Something for Everyone

Whatever your soul seeks — skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, fishing, snowmobiling, soaking in the hot springs, shopping, sleeping and satiating your appetite for food or drink — Pagosa Country offers choices that are sure to please you and everyone in your family or group.

Play Outside – Running with the sled dogs

If you’re visiting Pagosa Springs during the winter season and looking for an adventure that involves man’s or woman’s four-legged friends, then Pagosa has the answer in two unique and fun businesses that thrive during the winter season.


Some need a little more adventure and adrenaline. 
If you want to rev it up, snowmobiling might be
the activity for you. 


The Forest Service roads and trails listed are enjoyed and shared by people on skis, snowshoes and snowmobiles. 

Why So Much Snow?

The locals aren’t exaggerating— Pagosa Country really does have some of the best natural snow in Colorado, and the most of it! 

Flavor of Pagosa

Kick back with dinner and live entertainment
after a day of fun

Real Estate & Home Guide

Owning property in Pagosa Springs
may inspire you to think outside the box 

Family Fun

While winter’s snowy brush paints a picture that
pleases the child in all of us,
with the town taking on a magical quality as if suddenly populated
by gingerbread houses covered with icing, …

Wolf Creek Ski Area

Wolf Creek Ski Area is known for having the most snow in Colorado. The unique — yet successful — 2021-2022 ski season had consistent snowfall from October through the end of March with a number of prolific powder days, exceptional conditions and 362 inches of snowfall. 

Rest & Relaxation

Each of Pagosa’s bathing facilities offers its own unique take on the traditional soaking experience, and the savvy soaker does well to switch things up, experiencing how differently each place relaxes the spirit and heals the body.

Cross-Country Skiing

The opportunities for snowshoeing, classic cross-country skiing and skate skiing in Pagosa Country are plentiful, no matter your level of experience. 

Avalanche Awareness

While avalanches are a serious threat to winter backcountry travelers everywhere, they are particularly so here.

Rest Your Head

Enhance your vacation experience with the
Pagosa Springs Visitor Center and Visit Pagosa Springs

Retail Therapy

Exploring the local character
through shopping

Getting Here

Archuleta County’s Stevens Field, located just 3 miles west of downtown Pagosa Springs, is one of the most scenic airports around.