You will find yourself in one of the most beautiful places imaginable.


If you are planning your first visit to Pagosa Country, rest assured you will enjoy an incredible environment — one full of outdoor recreational opportunities the likes of which are rarely duplicated; one where our unique amenities in this paradise of geothermal waters, flowing mountain streams and alpine delights will satisfy your every need.

If you are returning to Pagosa Country, everything you enjoyed during previous visits remains, and there is even more to sample when you arrive. 

In all cases, this will not be your last trip here.

If you are considering a visit, read this guide and get an idea of what awaits when you decide to travel here. You will not be disappointed when you do. You will find yourself in one of the most beautiful places imaginable.

When you are in Pagosa Country, you are in magnificent surroundings. Your task is to determine what you will do once you are here.

Pagosans are eager to help you. The friendly residents of Pagosa Country are ready to help you find great accommodations and, once you are settled in, to provide whatever you need.

We are ready to give you tips on the myriad opportunities for outdoor recreation. If there is anything Pagosa Country provides, it is access to fun in the high country during the summer season. Fishing, hiking, boating, rafting, floating, biking — it’s all here, in spades. And our local businesses can outfit you for any and all of these pursuits. Don’t miss the chance to indulge your passion for outdoor recreation; you are at the heart of it all. Of the best of it all.

We’re here to feed you, and feed you well. It doesn’t matter where your tastes lead you, chances are you can find the food and drink you desire. Our local establishments give the discerning diner a full range of cuisines and prices.

We’re here to entertain you. We boast one of the Southwest’s premier theater companies and a number of art galleries.

Indulge the pleasure of soaking in our geothermally heated waters. The giant spring in town issues forth from a mighty aquifer, providing Pagosa Country with some of the most relaxing and restorative waters anywhere in the world.

Finally, shop for the mementoes that will remind you of your visit. Pagosa’s shopkeepers can provide you with whatever you need that will remind you that you will return. 

Welcome to Pagosa Country.

– The Pagosa Springs SUN staff

Photo: Michael Pierce Photography