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Each of Pagosa’s bathing facilities offers its own unique take on the traditional soaking experience, and the savvy soaker does well to switch things up, experiencing how differently each place relaxes the spirit and heals the body.

While the mother spring’s water remains at a natural temperature of 144 degrees and is far too hot for a relaxing soak, all the facilities cool the water for bathing and recreational purposes.

In planning how to split your time and experience Pagosa Country’s healing waters, be sure to check the status and availability of each facility, if there are any special requirements that must be followed, and what amenities are available at the time of your visit.

Located on the main street of Pagosa Springs, the Overlook Hot Springs Spa offers soaking and massage services housed within old-world Victorian opulence. Offering indoor and outdoor pools, including a private tub room, massage and a steam room, the Overlook provides bathers an opportunity to soak while escaping the elements, or to take in the sights while soaking. 

Those sights are best soaked in from the pools located on the building’s roof, which give the Overlook its name and notoriety. With a panoramic view of historic downtown and beyond, the pools are a favorite with locals and visitors alike. There’s also a sauna and geothermal tub. Also outside, the Overlook’s courtyard features individual tubs, as well as a Jacuzzi. Inside, there are four open pools and a private pool room that can be rented by the hour by bathers who prefer to soak in a more intimate setting. 

Snacks and drinks (including beer, wine and champagne) are available for purchase to sate the appetites of soakers who prefer to ease aching muscles with a tasty beverage and absent a grumbling tummy. Additionally, the Overlook features changing rooms with shower stalls, steam showers and more.

Just around the corner on the east side of Hot Springs Boulevard is the Healing Waters Resort and Spa, offering a large outdoor swimming pool, both indoor and outdoor tubs, hotel rooms, suites, cabins, and pull-through RV spaces with full hookups. The ambiance here is down home, western and friendly. Through long years of service, the hosts have learned to satisfy the needs of the most discriminating guest.

The resort offers 100 percent mineral water in its hot springs amenities, which include separate men’s and women’s indoor baths.

Across the street, The Springs Resort and Spa, home to the mother spring, offers luxury hotel rooms, food establishments, two bars, a full-service spa and 25 steamy pools (the most in Colorado) on the banks of the San Juan River.  

A variety of therapeutic pools have temperatures ranging from 45 to 114 degrees, with waterfalls, mineral formations and other unique features. There is also a swimming pool of geothermal water with a temperature in the high 80s to low 90s. 

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