Aspen House Truffle Company 

Building a unique dream home

Photo courtesy Joanne Irons

A sweet boy from a poor family dreamed of finding one of five golden tickets hidden inside of chocolate bar wrappers, which would admit him to the eccentric and reclusive Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. It would become the ticket to having all of his dreams come true.

Here in Pagosa Springs, a group of adults with disabilities believes the ticket to having their dreams come true can be found through the Aspen House Truffle Company. 

Their dream is a safe, independent and permanent home for adults in our community who have developmental disabilities. A home for someone just like themselves. A home called Aspen House.

Community volunteer Joanne Irons has been working with members of Aspen House and Aspen Services (AHAS) teaching them to make and sell the chocolate truffles as a way for adults with different abilities in the community to raise funds for their dream house.

She explained that some of the adults have been able to learn the entire process of truffle making and she is hopeful that this will turn into a full-time business for AHAS. She also hopes that the truffle-making business will turn into its own nonprofit business to be completely run by the adults served by Aspen House and Aspen Services.

“Irons has long believed … that these adults have the capability to run their own business in support of Aspen House and Aspen Services. Truffle making is going to be that business,” secretary and treasurer for AHAS Patricia Brown shared. 

Along with truffle-making, adults with different abilities work at the local PS Froyo shop to learn other valuable business skills and 100 percent of proceeds from PS Froyo sales support Aspen House. 

“Every delicious bite is for good,” their website notes, at

PS Froyo is equipped with a functional commercial kitchen with ample space for truffle making.

Additionally, the PS Froyo website states, “Aspen House supports Pagosa Springs residents with developmental disabilities, giving them life and job skills, and a supportive place to live with their peers. When you choose PS Froyo, you aren’t just eating well, you’re contributing to your community.” 

Irons described the process of teaching her truffle-making business to the members of Aspen House as “a great pleasure.”

The truffles completely sold out for Valentine’s Day and Easter. To place your truffle order and help turn the dream of Aspen House into a reality, visit PS Froyo at 459 Lewis Street, or call (970) 398-1636.

For more information about AHAS, or to make a donation, please visit

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